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Shamanic Healing Therapies:

Chakra balance and cleaning, and cutting ties that no longer serve you



Black and White stone


Soul Retrieval



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Shamanic Healer

Angel Joughin-Coppin


Chakra balance and cleaning, and cutting ties that no longer serve you

I channeled this healing in 2013, while I was balancing a client's chakras, I was told by my guide to "Now go inside the person”, “How?" I replied. My guides directed me and they are always there each time I do this healing alongside Archangels  Over the years, it has had remarkable results, with people remarking how it has changed their lives as they feel freer, more confident, assertive, and in their power.


How it works:

There are seven main Chakra’s, aligned with your main body organs; called the Endocrine System. These chakras balance your whole body, but they also hold onto negative as well as positive energy. By cleansing & balancing these organs, and cutting ties of stuff we don’t want to hold onto to any more, you will be maintaining your whole well-being.  Your, mind & body will feel more, clearer, cleaner, healthier, allowing it to function and fight a problem or a dis-ease, more efficiently.  

I balance the chakra’s, using a pendulum and a crystal wand.  I then, link up with guides and Christ’s consensus and concisely, go inside the client via the crown chakra and ‘clean’ the whole of the body of negativity, from this life and other lives.  


I then link with two or more Archangels and clean the chakras of all ‘stuck stuff’ (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional), that's weighed the client down.  The Archangels then assist to cut all ties that are holding the clients back in this and past lives, that are attached to the disc, allowing them to ‘start again’, as nothing is hanging onto them or holding them back. The client, therefore can MOVE ON, start living life in a way they would now choose.


Illumination Healing

This energy healing procedure is unique to a tribe of Peruvian Indians, descendants of the Inca. Imprints are often activated throughout our lives compelling us to replicate bad behaviours /bad relationships.  


How it works:

This is a powerful & often intense healing, brings deep rooted emotions to the surface for removal of any negative imprints, from death, divorce, difficult childhood, stress, anxiety, etc.   The illumination process will break you free, and give you back your life.


Black & white stone massage healing

Black & White stone healing takes any deep trauma that is imprinted throughout your body and even into the bones.


How it works:

This healing removes any horrid memories out an event & keep's the nice parts. The Stones take away the pain & not the beauty of a life story. E.g. a broken relationship can leave scars & pain. The Shamanic Black & White stone healing recovers the joy and removes the ugly part, thus making you feel more relaxed, and more at peace with situations.



Despacho technique has been used by Shamans of the Andes for over 5000 years, therefore passed the test of time. This powerful form of Shamanic healing is basically prayer offerings.  Dispatcho’s help you manifest what you want brought into your life or dispersed from your life. I use two-forms; White, Abundance Dispatcho, to bring things into your life.  Black, Clearance Despacho, takes things from your life.


How it works:

The powerful ingredient in this is your intension, as you say your prays and wishes, say it from the heart. Wishes must be positive intensions’.  Ultimately a despacho helps pave the way for you to come into greater alignment, or relationship with the world around you. Exactly what that is, the universe will revival to you in many ways, as it knows what is best for you.



Many problems, fears, insecurities, we suffer in today's life, are caused by our past lives.  Regression can allow a person to take the story and teachings from a past life, give it blessings, peace, love, thanking it for the teachings.  This gives you reassurance, peace, understanding in the now, thus allowing you to move on in a more enlightened, fulfilled way.


How it works:

This healing is led totally by guides using me as a vehicle.  Every regression is very personal to the individual and different.  


Soul Retrieval

Many people do not feel complete and don't understand why and they see no reason in their lives why they can't feel whole.  This is often due to a fracturing of our soul either in this world/life or from a past life/world. This therapy will help bring the parts of your soul that have been scattered together again.


How it works:

This healing is led totally by guides using me as a vehicle, and very personal to the individual and different.  


Shamanic Healing Therapies

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