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Ear candling with Face Massage - Thermal Auricular Therapy


Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling)

Thermal ear therapy, really benefits those who have had/have sinus problems, cold/flu, if you are about to fly or have flown and are still suffering from the aircrafts air pressure.  This beautiful treatment is deeply relaxing, yet aids motivation and regeneration.  This treatment benefits all ages.


How it works:

The ear candle works like a chimney, with the heat from flame creating negative pressure/suction, which gently draws wax and debris out of the ear canal.  The effect of the ear-candle continues to work for 72 hours loosening any hardened earwax, releasing and relaxing the sinus areas.  An ear candling is enhanced by a face massage which helps release/relieve sinuses issues, as well as stimulating the oxygenation and blood supply in these ares of face, neck ears and head. ………..Blissful pleasure.


I always use Original BioSun, ear candles, they are made from organic (pesticide-free) linen, beeswax, and herbs.  They have a Patented Safety Filter derived from Maize starch, which also makes the treatment more effective.


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Ear Candling

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