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House Clearing and Cleansing

The universe and beyond is made up of energy, constantly flowing thus changing and affecting us. This energy is everywhere, and can affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


It is believed that spaces and buildings hold thoughts, of actions, traumas, emotions, events that happened there, and can create stagnated negative energy, which in turn affect can perpetuate the tendency for negative experiences, to living things including people in that area.


Space clearing/cleansing is an effective way that aims to clear any past negative energy and fill the space/area with happy, positive, loving, vitalised energy and hence raise the quality of life.  

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Traditionally, spring cleaning of homes, house-warming, was done in the West, while indigenous societies may drum or smoke herbs to clear an area of bad/old energy. I use powerful effective ceremonies with shamanic techniques, of sound healing, and rituals to create a deeply cathartic and rewarding experience.


It is your choice to be present or not, you need not feel apprehensive, I will explain everything as we go along, and maintain your safety and comfort.  I can also do the ceremony from a distance.


There needs to be preparation for the ceremony to have full credence: Please do a physical cleaning and clutter-clearing wherever possible.


I will need to know the layout of your home and know what experiences you have encountered.

My ceremony will start with dowsing to harmonise the energies of the land.

I will tune into the energies to know its history including emotional imprints.

Clearing of stagnant energies are made by specific signs and sage burning.

Space clearing will be done via sound of rattles, drums and singing bowls.

Spirit release can be/may be part of the cleansing.

An altar is made in each room comprising of items to represent Fire, Water, Earth, Air.  We will present positive energy by way of positive intensions at each altar plus beautiful sounds, flower essences and/or flowers.

A small fire is lit and any negative thoughts feelings or things are given to the fire.


This treatment, may sound simple but it is a very powerful, profound ceremony and is known to give strong healthy healing to all concerned.



'May the long time Sun shine upon you; all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide you all the way home'. An old Celtic blessing

Shamanic Healer

Angel Joughin-Coppin

House Clearing and Cleansing

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