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Shamanic Healer

Angel Joughin-Coppin

Shamanic Llympia Flower Meditation Ceremony:

This meditation is  often done outside on Mother Earth.  It is very mindful and brings a lot of inner peace and healing. The process, that's created, is very relaxing and pure, with the healing continuing throughout the body, for many weeks afterwards.


Llympia meditation uses plant energy in a very different way. The flowers of plants are called on to cleanse our chakras. The cleansing of chakras are very important. When chakras are cleansed and balanced then so are we. The main body chakras balance our endocrine system, hence maintaining the main body functions are running well.


As some know, more chakras coming into our body due to our vibration getting higher, it is therefore even more important to maintain them in order that we keep as healthy as possible in every way; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  In this meditation we can concentrate on individual chakras by using colours of flowers associated with that chakra or chakras.

I often use white flowers, as some of us will have new chakras, (others are still in wait). White covers all the chakras, as all the colours mixed make white. Therefore all will be cleansed.


Prayer Ties:

Prayer ties are all about intentions.  You intend 8 most important, needs/hopes/wants.  5 pouches of intentions are dedicated to yourself and 3 pouches of intentions you can dedicate to others. These are then blown in the wind, for your wishes to manifest.


Angels DreamDreads:

These colourful hairpieces, are made of wool, ribbon, feathers, beads and Love, plus other things channelled by the individual.


You will be shown how to make Angels DreamDreads, which can be decoration for your hair (male or female), staff or wand.  It is a very peaceful, meditative process to make, with your powerful intentions placed into them as you work.


Fire Ceremony

Traditionally a fire ceremony is done on a Full Moon or New Moon, or a couple of days either side.  We take our wishes and gratitude to the sacred fire.  One can release old ‘stuff’, or invite in new beginnings for self. Or come for purification, and just release.  


In a transformation fire ceremony, up to three things can be invited or expanded into your life, such as abundance, courage, intuition, a new home, work.


Also three aspects, of healing can be asked for too, such as: removing a habit, complaining, laziness, etc.  You can also just focus on one area/issue, for a direct and more powerful ceremony. All in the above, we also ask the Universal energies to direct and guide.


Many make a decoration out of a stick and tie burnable organic, things on the stick to represent what they are asking for.  Some paint, representations on a stick.  You also blow your requests into the stick or tie the words on.  After the ceremony, things supporting your requests will appear for you, to give you the opportunity to transform/heal/or move-on.  Enjoy the ride.


Shamanic Letting Go Course

This unique course offers you the ability to have emotional freedom, letting go of the life you had or had planned, to find a life that’s waiting specifically for you.


This course is open to all that have had a life change; feel they will benefit from a life change, or want to add to their existing skills.


What will you gain from the training:-

Following and focusing on what you want in life. If everything is rigged in your favour, the Universe will open door.

Einstein said: “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them”. I will give you the tools to go forward with self help throughout your life, helping you change the sabotage whispers in your mind, and listen to the spirit ones.


The best way to predict a future is to create it, so affirm your goals as the path you wish to walk.

Group Work


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