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Shamanic Healer

Angel Joughin-Coppin


Reference for healing


I have experienced several healing sessions with Angel Joughin-Coppin and they were very helpful to me in many ways. Angel connects with you at all levels of your being. Angel has also intuitively connected with several of my past life experiences and totem animals and I could relate to these and so was able to work with them in my life. All very interesting indeed and healing, she has her own unique way of working which I like and is guided by Spirit at all times.

Carole Young.


I see Angel as often as I can for her  intuitive healing. Angel is warm and welcoming, and has an instinctive understanding of the client's needs, in my experience.  The session is tailored intuitively for each individual and their situation, and I always feel deep relaxation, healing, and renewed psychic senses afterwards. Good for stress relief and getting a perspective on life situations.

Caroline Wise, Author


I have had two treatments/healing sessions from Angel. Both were Shamanic. Not knowing what to expect, on the first session I was slightly nervous but Angel was warm and reassuring right from the start when she welcomed me into her home. Angel explained to me the process before we started and she made me feel very comfortable. As the session started I soon became absorbed and totally engaged in what  was unfolding. I found Angel to be intuitive and very caring. This first session helped me to start unraveling a lot of deep hurt and traumatic experience. On my second session with Angel (again, Shamanic) I was more relaxed and enjoyed the whole experience immensely. I recall walking home along the brook afterwards feeling lighter and brighter with a sense of renewed optimism and bravery. Angel is a gifted and loving person.

Yours sincerely, Andrea Black xxx


Hi Beautiful Souls

I had a shamanic session with Angel a while back now and found it very insightful healing and relaxing. Lovely lady lovey gift.

Highly Recommend; The Tarot Table Chrissy Bee x


“Angel’s positive energy, calming aura, healing hands and gentle nature provides the perfect environment for natural healing treatments.  She embraces her clients with warmth and generosity of heart. Her knowledge of Rahanni and ability to impart information allow her students to embrace this celestial world with ease.”

Marlene xxxx


Just had a great healing/psychic/relaxation session with Angel Joughin-Coppin followed by Elen of the Ways ceremony in the garden, with an autumn fire, bees dancing around the hive, and apples offering themselves from the tree. Embracing, autumn.

Recommended. I have had 2 healings from Angel, after both I felt more grounded, lighter and at peace. I highly recommend Angel for her compassion, commitment and skill. Thank you Angel.  Ann Roberts.


Always kind and compassionate,  always takes time to listen and talk . Patient and understanding .Angel' s advice/guidance has always been helpful, positive and much appreciated.'

Much love, Catherine


Just received the most healing and dis-stressing massage for years!!

Thanks and love to you Angel…John 12/08/16


I have clearly had a very surprising experience and profound.  It feels good and has taken me out of myself, or perhaps to myself.  I shall digest this for some time to come.  

Excellent, thank you George 12/08/16


Just had the most amazing healing. Relaxing, releasing and rejuvenating! love, love, love, Louise x 13/08/16


Saw beautiful colours of green, turning into red and back to green and then onto a pure white.  Feeling very relaxed and re-energised; thank you Angel xxx  13/08/16


I am now floating on air after my reflexology.  Angel knows my feet and gives me the right touch and energy.  

May the spirits Bless you!


Angel is a true Angel.  Absolutely acceptance is Love !! xxx


Thank you Angel, very enlightening.  You have opened me up to good things, very much needed and much love; Andy x


Dearest Angel

An absolutely fantastic relaxing, soothing, healing massage.  You are the best, hope you can get down to Cornwall sometime.  Sending you lots of love, joy and happiness.

Okseina xxxxxxx


My beauty, I have found you at last!  Love always to you and we shall dance together in Indian xx Sangeetist


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I feel cleansed and full of light.

Onward and Upward

Be seeing you beautiful lady, Marina 14/08/16


Dear Angel, thank-you for a wonderful Chakra cleanse and healing treatment!  I feel at one with the world totally connected and “Back on track”

Light and love Alexandrea xx


Dear Angel, thank-you so much to made me feel wonderful;

Debbie xx


I missed having a massage with you in 2015 so I made sure it would happen this year.  It was as I knew it would be; warm, nourishing, healing, powerful. The best massage ever, from a true Angel

Andrea xxx Lots of love to you Angel


One of the most gifted humans I have ever met.  My whole tribe about 7 families all with children love her deeply.

Angel has introduced some of our younger members to the spiritual side of life and for that we shall be forever grateful

We love her deeply, one special lady! John xx


Dear Angel

You’ve been a steer with my arm-I can already feel the difference.  You’re lovely in every way and so gentle.  The whole family love you, see you next year!  

Lots of love, Taylor-Anne McCarthy xx


Dear  Angel, thank-you for a great massage,

Love Kathie Webb xx


Dear Angel, thank-you for everything, hope to see you next year,

Love you from Callum and Robbie


Dear Angel, this was a truly amazing healing experience and my life and health has transformed thanks to you.

I was not sure which therapy I should have as I felt drawn to two of them.  You choose the therapies that were perfect for my needs.  Thank you also for the protection you and the four Angels gave me, my home and my family.

I have been worried about something for three years.  it was incredible that you were able to pick up on this.  

I now know I am safe.  Thank you so much.  Love Sheila xx


Dear Angel, thank-you so much for the beautiful treatment.  I feel brighter, lighter, enriched, and loved now

God bless you and thank you agin, Cathy xx


The most amazing treatment I have ever had!  You truly are gifted. Thank you foe making my body, mind and soul feel fabulous.  

Kym xx


Dear Angel! Thank you for your warm woman’s hands —- very loving massage God Bless Amy xxx


Thank you Angel, the Shamanic healing is something I will carry with me always

Kate xxx


Angel, thank-you so much for a truly transformative treatment.  Your energy and care were wonderful and next time I will book a 1 hour Indian Head massage foe me! Many blessings of love and light to you.  Jo xxx


Thank you Angel for such a peaceful and relaxing experience.  Wishing you all the best.  You are friendly, warm, yet very professional.  Very lovely to meet you Love Katie x


Thank you for such a wonderful and healing deep massage.  You have very soft amassing hands. Angel—-I will definitely remember this massage!

Lots of love Clare xxx


Thank you for a relaxing, enjoyable hour of bliss!

Love Molly xxx


Dear Angel, I trust you to know and feel what is needed.  I let go control and relaxed deeply and this feels SO good.  You are by far the best massage/healer therapist. Thank you and bless you for your energy and love that goes into your work

Much love, Andrea x


Into the Wild, Angel Goddess! Thank you dearly; felt like mountains shuffle and waters flowing, from my open and wonky heart

Feeling Love x


Dear Angel I came to you in pieces and you put me back together, you are wonderful.  Thank God for you

Pauleen Beaisloft.


Dear Angel; Thank you so much The session moved me to my core. Felt really touched, moved by your wonderful treatment.  Would love to see you again soon.  Thank you from my heart, Blessings Shane


Thank you for a very love filled journey.  The light and energy was felt. Much gratitude for what you offered me.  

Bless us all. Fae xx


Thank you for an amazing massage and healing experience.


Angel, thank you so much for the very beautiful healing that you have given me today—- Now a chance to step forward in my life with joy and love. —Bless you sweetheart xx


Thank you so much for the wonderful, relaxing time you gave me, looking forward to the next time.

Love Tina x Saturday 29th July 2017


Angel, Thank you for two wonderful healing sessions. I feel so much better.  So relaxing.  

Thank you again, until the next time.  Tom



She is an angel, the touch of an angel, the hands of an angel, she is an angel

Love you from Peter 2017


Thank you Angel, my guides were so right about you, I love your healing, your energy, such a beautiful soul who is incredible at what you do. Keep sending your love, healing energy, and kindness.

From my heart to yours, Naomi Sweet xx With love


Dear Angel , Thank you for helping me work through that energy block at the Solar Plexus, and also activating chakra 8!  Which I believe is involved with Soul purpose.  Who would have know that an Indian Head massage would release that!

Thank you for your experience to help to adjust/accept the re-tuned.

Many thanks, Ben x



Thank yo so much, you helped open my heart and honour my dear friend who passed just 2 days ago.  I instantly felt, held the moment I was touched.  Jill B’ton


When I arrived at the festival I was intuitively drawn towards Angels tent.  I browsed over her list of treatments and she asked me to take a seat and talk with her a while.  Without hesitation she knew what it was I needed and she booked a session.

I knew not what to expect but in truth I surrendered and allowed the magic to begin.  That evening for the following hour or so I felt, looking back, a deep beautiful transformation was taking place.

I thank all the angels that brought me into a connective experience with her, as it seems my broken wing has been mended —- I am trying again. Thank you x


Thank you for a wonderful and relaxing treatment Angel—- My first ever Chakra Balancing.

I am so glad I trusted you and I am leaving feeling calmer and more peaceful inside, so it is working already

Lots of love, Suzy x


Thank you for the wonderful treatment you paid so much attention and truly soothed my body and mind.  Will happily see you in the future

Love Lizzy xxx May 2018


A wonderful relaxing massage.  Angel also really looked after me.  She put lavender oil on my sunburn.

I felt very cared for.  Thank you! Charlotte xxxx May 2018


I had a lovely back and shoulder massage which rid my knots as well as being relaxing as I’d requested. Thank you for you're lovely healing energy and your heart Angel

With love from my heart to yours,  Katie R xx


Angel is a Divine and Beautiful Kind healer

Thank you Liz xx


Truly beautiful.  Both loving, Spiritual and practical.  

Really restorative, Thank you xxx


Angels healing is Pure… Andy


Beautiful caring, nurturing energy.  I have feeling her warmth will continue to unfold in me………

Elaine Thank you


Angel ….. Incredible. Really connected….Great…. Loved every minute


Beautiful intuitive healing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for healing me and release my voice, breath again, to discover my crown and begin to wear it with uniqueness. Wonderful balancing massage, and wisdom

Much love and gratitude, Queen Belinda xxx


The Real Deal, a mindfully gifted woman, able to hold her gifts with groundedness and ease.

Very grateful, perfect timing xxx


Thank you Angel, you are an Angel xxx  



It was a beautiful healing I received from Angel, it felt as if I have known her before.  

Thank you so very much, with much love Macca


"I have experienced numerous healings from the wonderful Angel Joughin-Coppin. In 2015 I suffered from Polymialgia Rheumatica after a nasty experience of an out of control fire.  I went to get help from Angel and she brought me back into my body and reconnected me with my energy - quite wonderful. Other times too when I have been under-power, she has revitalised me with her magical work. I am most happy to recommend her to anyone."

Leo Rutherford, MA


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