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Shamanic Healer

Angel Joughin-Coppin

The Executive


About Me

Not being able to read or write well, when I was 37, I learnt from 3 friends. I then went to college and learnt to A level standard, during 1985-1994. I was like a sponge, wanting the education I was denied.  In 1994 I was accepted at Imperial College London, to do a degree in Zoology, which included, physiology and anatomy of all life areas. It meant 4 hours traveling a day, but in 1997 I got my honours degree in Zoology and also became an Associate of the Royal College of Science. I was 50 and embarked on learning how to help the world naturally.


I slowly met other people who felt the same as me, I could talk freely with, I had found a soul family.  My children and old friends, thought I was crazier than ever, and still do.


I started to learn different healing procedures/modalities. Teachers, were noting, that I could do things naturally too. When I came across Shamanic Healing, I knew this was my true forte, ‘I had come home’.  My power animals and guides grew, and assist me each and every time I treat a client, along with Archangels and Angels. It humbles me that words and deeds come through me from higher beings, I never know what will happen when I heal, but it is successful.

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I now realise that I have always walked the shamanic path.  


From a very young age, in London’s, East-End, I was often found on the bomb-site playing with 'my stones', playing on Mother Earth and contemplating.


Often a native American man and a wolf, came to me they are still with me.  When plants, trees got/get hurt, I feel their pain, I hear them call for help.  I thought was natural, I found out, through others teasing, that most people do not feel/hear them nor people in spirit. No-one could understand me, not even me.  I learnt to keep my feelings inside, this made me isolated internally.  

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